PVC Fence / Deck / Rail / and more...

  • Termite-proof
  • Rust proof
  • Water proof
  • Will not rot
  • Will not corrode
  • Will not flake
  • Completely weatherproof
  • Durable
  • Maintenance Free
  • Available in many styles, colors

Need we say more?

Although the initial cost of PVC may be higher than wood alternatives, that cost differential is quickly offset when you consider the lifetime warranty that PVC usually carries.  PVC will long outlast any wood equivalent.

PVC has five times the tensile strength of wood and four times the flexibility.

Unlike pressure treated lumber, which is treated with toxic chemicals and actually emits toxic fumes when burned, PVC is 100% nontoxic and completely recyclable.

PVC is one of the most frequently used plastic materials because of its high performance, low cost, and variety of use in many different applications. PVC is one of the most researched materials, both in terms of technical characteristics and potential development as well as safety and environmental impact.

But we take it a step further...

Our plant can create any custom part you need.  Give us your requirements and we'll have a quote for the work in your hands in no time.  No job too big or small.