Lumberock® Premium Decking

Minimal Maintenance

No Organic Fills

Completely Waterproof

No Noticeable Fading

No Permanent Staining

No Replacement


Lumberock® Premium Decking combines recycled plastic with a natural mineral fill material to create deck boards that are not only strong and durable, but also environmentally responsible. Our commitment to the environment has helped us develop one of the greenest lumber alterna-tives available on the market today. We use at least 75% post-consumer recycled materials in all of our products while maintaining the highest standards for beautiful, long lasting recycled plastic lumber.

Lumberock® Premium Decking let’s you reduce your car-bon footprint while enjoying the comfort and satisfaction of a strong and beautifully built deck or dock.

Completely Synthetic Deck Boards Not your average lumber composite.

Lumberock® uses innovative extrusion technology to combine a mineral-fill compound with recycled high-density polyethylene plastic. This formu-la allows us to manufacture solid, fully synthetic boards that are extreme-ly durable. Because no organic fills are used, Lumberock® is impervious to mold, mildew, decay, insect infestation, swelling, delaminating, rapid fading, staining, rotting, splintering or cracking.

Minimal Maintenance Time to kick back and relax.

After you install your Lumberock® deck or dock, you can say “good-bye” to the hassle, time commitment and cost of staining, sanding, water-proofing, and insect spraying that comes with the use of traditional lum-ber. Stains will not adhere to Lumberock® and, other than a seasonal cleaning, Lumberock® is a truly low-maintenance product.

Quick, Easy Installation For the Pro and the Average Joe.

Our recycled plastic lumber requires no special tools for installation. Standard carpentry tools will do the trick and no pre-drilling is necessary. Because of its solid composition, Lumberock® will not crack, splinter or mushroom during installation. All of our boards feature rounded edges to help hide straight-line imperfections sometimes caused during installa-tion.

Limited Lifetime Warranty The last deck you’ll ever build.

Lumberock® is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty that protects against rotting, cracking, splintering and peeling. Unlike other compo-sites, you will never need to replace our recycled plastic lumber boards. We promise that your Lumberock® deck or dock will look as stunning and remain as tough in fifty years as it is today.

Green Building Material As green as it gets.

We use one of the highest percentages of post-consumer recycled plastic to create our deck boards. This means that our recycled plastic lumber is largely made up of the milk jugs and plastic bags you recycle at home. Lumberock® is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and the use of Lumberock® can help achieve LEED credits. Best of all, when (if ever) you’d like to retire your Lumberock® deck or dock, the boards can be recycled again!

Color That Lasts The beauty of longevity.

Lumberock® Premium Decking comes in one of the widest spectrums of colors available on the decking market today. We currently offer nine vi-brant color options, and Lumberock® fades so slightly that you will prob-ably never notice any color change, unlike most wood-filled composites which fade quickly and dramatically. Consistency of color throughout our boards reduces the effect of small scratches.

Waterproof From Top to Bottom Go ahead, get it wet.

Lumberock® can withstand prolonged submersion in saltwater and fresh-water environments thanks to its closed molecular formula that is impen-etrable to organic organisms and water. The embossed wood grain finish reduces slipping, even in wet conditions.

Countless Applications Let your creativity soar!

Mineral plastic composite lumber from Lumberock® can be used to build anything from decks and docks to fencing, railing and even furniture! Not only can you create a dramatic outdoor space without painstaking re-placement or maintenance, but you can also use our boards for commercial applications and OEM to generate value-added